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Sermon IDTitleDate PreachedPreacherBookChapterKey Words
102489Spiritual Biography: Salvation2017-07-26Stevens, MarshallPhilemon1gospel, love, faith, obedience, slave, owner, preacher
102488Mortify2017-07-23Stevens, MarshallColossians3christ, appear, glory, members, affection, fornication, uncleanness, idolatry, concupiscence, covetousness, disobedience
102487Being A Strong Branch2017-07-19Burkholder, RodJohn15husbandman, spoken, bear, keep, love, called, sin, life, forgiveness, chosen, sent, cleansing, glory, walk, joy, strength, fruit,
102486Abiding In The Vine 2017-07-16Burkholder, RodJohn15why, spoken, rest, bear, keep, love, called, sent, branches, stay, trust, obey, bear, fruit, how, read, meditate, study, pray, love,
102485Daniel: The Forces Of Evil2017-07-16Stevens, MarshallDaniel10dragon, beast, prince, king, mourning, cyrus, persia, vision, armour, flesh, principalities, wickedness, powers, blood, darkness, angels, serpent, devil, tempter, satan, fought, demonic, kingdoms, gates, sin, deceiver,
102484A New Song In Your Heart2017-07-12Goltiao, PhillipPsalm40patient, established, mouth, powerful, heard, victory, worship, hymns, history, music, trust, patriotic,
102483He Loves Us In Our Trials2017-07-09Warthan, NeilJohn5infirmities, healed, issue, problem, struggles, help, stirred, need, anticipation, knows, whole, troubled, power, wicked, compassion, cares, help, obey, faith,
102482The Measure of Judgement2017-07-05Burkholder, LanceMatthew7mote, frustrate, evil, speak, doer, law, consistent, discern, good, pray, ask, receive, seek, knock, find, opened, sewing, reaping,
102481Abide In The Lord2017-07-02Burkholder, RodJohn15vine, branches, fruit, nothing, true, father, husbandman, pursue, love, purge, devotion, clean, word, flesh, lead,
102480God's Plan For Us2017-07-02Kinoshita, NathanLuke24witness, heart, work, preach, gospel, written, sinners, share, forgiven, foolishness, all-knowing, love, creation, church, repent, trust, fellowship, power, prayer,
102479Renew Your Mind2017-06-28Goltiao, PhillipRomans12mercies, beseech, self, reasonable, think, conformed, transformed, thoughts, fueling, powerful, tradition, mouth, negative, infectious, condemned,
102478He Expects Our Best2017-06-25Warthan, NeilColossians3desire, steady, true, consistent, direction, center, above, focus, spirit, flesh, battle, conquer, fruit, walk, love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance,
102477Daniel: The Forces Of Evil2017-06-25Stevens, MarshallDaniel10revealed, demonic, warfare, dragon, serpent, subtle, snake, devil, liar, lust, disobedience, resist, offender, destroyer, deceiver, battle,
102476Spiritual Biography2017-06-21Stevens, MarshallPhilemon1prisoner, soldier, church, prayer, faith, love, communication, consolation, bold, beseech
102475Pleasing The Master2017-06-18Stevens, MarshallMatthew25faithful, servant, rule, please, master, blessed, gifts, talents, church
102474Man Of God And New Birth2017-06-18Stevens, Marshall2Timothy3bible, inspired, birth, born, again, gift, grace, boast, works, faith, hearing, word
102473Leading A Child To Christ2017-06-11Stevens, MarshallMatthew18sinned, short, glory, righteousness, lost, caution, zealous, eternal, gift, price, admit, believe, call,